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Warriors London Ltd is the world’s leading designer, marketer, and distributor of children clothing for a wide variety.

Operating segments for the Warriors London brand are: Asia and Europe, particularly the United Kingdom and Afghanistan

The company was founded by Dr Jawed Sadiqi in 2018.


Today sport plays a significant role in people’s lives and sport is fundamental to every individual and international culture and wider society as well as is essential to an individual’s health and happiness. Thus, Warriors London Ltd strongly believe that, through sport, we can transform consumers lives. This fundamental belief directs the way Warriors London Ltd operate company such as how we work with our business partners, how we create and innovate our products, and how we involve with our loyal consumers.


Warriors athletes will not stay for average level and neither do Warriors London Ltd. Thus, our vision is to be the finest sports company across the globe and sell the finest sports and fitness designer products as well as offering tailor made service to our customers.

Contact: 44 7397916325